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Frequently Asked Questions

Fans who get whitelisted in Infanity’s Discord channel will get early access to be able to mint/buy the Infanity NFTs. 

NFTs is an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens.

Non-Fungible is in the sense that they are unique and cannot be interchanged like fungible assets such as Bitcoin. Let’s take for example if you exchange a Bitcoin to get another thing changed, but you still get the same Bitcoin back — it’s the opposite in the case of NFTs.

Each NFT has a distinct signature used to designate and verify ownership of assets — there are no two original copies.

NFTs are digital assets that are usually representations of real-world objects such as in-game items, videos, music, collectibles, virtual assets, and arts. These crypto assets are largely part of the Ethereum network.  However, there have been other versions of NFTs implemented on other blockchains such as Algorand, Tron, WAX, Tezos, EOS, Solana, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Flow.

NFTs can be used to indicate ownership of rare assets that represent real-world items like real estate and artwork. It’s important to note that purchasing an NFT that includes the intellectual property including the copyrights of the original artwork, musical composition, and sound recording, does NOT mean these copyrights or other intellectual property rights are  automatically transferred to you. In fact, those rights are not transferred to you.

With Infanity, you can mint/buy our Infanity NFTs in two ways. Credit/Debit Card or Ethereum.

Please note that we highly recommend that you obtain a crypto wallet within 30 days of when you make a purchase through a credit/debit card.

To purchase an Infanity NFT using Ethereum with your crypto wallet (for Infanity cryptocurrency trading) follow below instructions:

  • Create an account on a crypto exchange that is supported in your country. For example, outside USA or inside USA If you are unsure which one, please drop us an email on, or head over to our discord and ask one of the moderators which exchanges might work in your respective country.        
  • Buy Ethereum tokens on the exchange + a little extra to cover gas fees
  • Download the browser extension or App for MetaMask wallet (crypto wallet) here:
  • Transfer the Ethereum you purchased on your crypto exchange to your MetaMask wallet
  • Head back to our Mint website and connect your MetaMask wallet or use a credit/debit card to buy it directly.
  • Set the number of NFTs you would like to buy and click ‘Buy’ button. You will be asked to approve the purchase on your MetaMask wallet. Infanity may limit the amount of NFTs one can purchase/mint  where we offer promotions. 
  • Once you have done purchasing/minting, sign into OpenSea with your same MetaMask wallet to view your Infanity NFT under your profile.

No, you will not need a wallet address right away if a purchase was made using a credit card, but we require that you obtain an Ethereum wallet address within 30 days of purchase. If you purchase using crypto, then yes you will need an Ethereum wallet address to get your NFT. You can create one easily here: or choose any other crypto wallet as long as you have its private keys.

Note: Do not use the wallet address from Coinbase, and make sure you use a wallet to which you have the private keys.

Each person interested in being more involved in our project can support and promote us, first and foremost, by being part of our social channels, which can be found in our website, – Like, Share, Subscribe!

Each person who buys an Infanity NFT has the opportunity to: Share their NFT with the world, Save their NFT for their collection, or Sell their NFT for value.

The best way to interact with our community and learn more about the project is in our Discord server: and

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