Our Story

The music industry is broken.

Recording artists can’t pay rent. Fans aren’t rewarded for new artists they support. Can’t there be more for all of us? Through Infanity’s platform offering digital collectibles on our marketplace, recording artists get superfans, and fans partner with the artists they support.

We created Infanity because we’ve been there. As fans, we are tired of helping make recording artists successful, and all we get is a “I want to thank all my fans” shout out from the stage while they accept Grammy Awards? Shouldn’t there be more for fans who are responsible for promoting new artists, for free really, simply because we are so passionate about their music?

We’ve been there for decades for artists too. Supporting new artists, producers, and songwriters as professionals in the music industry by “shopping” them to the major labels, and representing their interests as label heads, managers, and for their legal affairs. We are tired of seeing a system that is broken. What we’ve learned, is that it takes a needle in a haystack for a super talented person to make enough money to live, even with the support of a major label. Even worse, amazingly talented people even going the independent route, have hurdles to attract fans and earn a decent living. Just because you ARE that talented, and we’ve seen many over the years, doesn’t mean you will find an audience just because you’ve posted your music on Apple Music, Spotify, TikTok, or Youtube.

We started Infanity because blockchain, NFTs and the Infanity Universe, our metaverse of the future, will offer amazing new ways of delivering, buying and experiencing new music as fans, while likewise giving talented new artists a chance to earn a decent living and when the stars are aligned, even amazing success. It is our dream to help make our artists millionaires, and to have their fans feel a connection and reward unlike anything that exists today.

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